Cloudflare Domain Pricing [Updated 2024] – Complete List of All Supported Domains

A complete list of all domains Cloudflare currently supports with renewal/transfer costs.

Cloudflare offers you the cheapest domain registration, domain transfer, and domain renewal prices in the market.

I have compiled a complete list of all the TLDs they offer with their respective prices in the table below

Cloudflare Domain Pricing - TLDs Showcase

Is Cloudflare really the cheapest domain registrar?

You may definitely find better prices on the first year of new registrations, but when it comes to renewal, you may hardly find any other registrar offering you better prices.

This is because while other registrars rely on making profits on renewals, Cloudflare offers you this service at-cost forever.

It means they charge you what domain registries and ICANN charge them as wholesale prices and absorb the loss incurred due to all other expenses.

They offer you this zero-markup domain registration with no hidden terms, unfair contracts, or surprise price increases. The prices you see are those you get, even on renewals, unless the respective registry raises the wholesale price charged to Cloudflare in the coming years.

And since they charge the wholesale price to you at cost (which means they do not add any markup or spread to the wholesale price charged to them) they are guaranteed to be the cheapest domain registrar that exists.

In fact, they sell you domain registration service at a loss, as they still have to absorb costs like:

  • Payment processing charges (2%-5% of the transaction amount)
  • ICANN accreditation fee ($4000 per year)
  • Legal and technical expenses related to contracts with various registries.
  • In-house infrastructure costs for the backend and
  • customer support.

So you understand why no other domain registrar can compete with Cloudflare in pricing.

Why does Cloudflare sell domain registration at a loss?

Cloudflare’s primary offering is its freemium CDN and suite of cloud security services.

This at-cost domain registration service can be considered their distribution channel, just like other free services they offer to millions of websites.

The more the distribution, the more paid customers they get.

Is Cloudflare a reliable domain registrar?

I have covered this in my review of Cloudflare domain registrar. In fact, it is featured on my blogging resources page, too.

Why does Cloudflare not publicly list all domain prices like other registrars?

Many domain registrars list all the TLDs they offer available for users’ convenience.

Such lists generally contain registration, transfer, renewal prices, and other terms for all their TLDs.

It is a good resource for their customers and good marketing, especially if their prices are very competitive.

However, despite being the most competitive of them all, Cloudflare does not publish pricing information in their list of supported TLDs.

There is an interesting reason behind that.

When registering a domain, three parties are involved: the Registry, the Registrar, and You (the Registrant).

The domain is actually registered with the registry of that TLD. For that, the registry charges a wholesale price for every domain.

Most good registrars, like Dynadot, add a markup of about 5%-15% of the wholesale price.


So when you (Registrant) pay $10.19 for a .com registration to Dynadot (Registrar)
$0.18 goes to ICANN (central authority)
$9.59 goes to Verisign (Registry) and
$0.42 remains with Dynadot (Registrar).

While the registrar has to bear the payment processing charges, provide customer support, and run promotions out of that tiny margin, the registry keeps most of the share from your payment.

So, to avoid bad publicity, many registries mandate in the registry-registrar agreements that they can’t disclose the wholesale prices of the domains to customers.

So, though registrars can show off their domain pricing, they can not disclose the wholesale pricing publicly.

The problem with Cloudflare is that their prices ARE the wholesale prices.

So, if they publish their domain pricing, they would indirectly publish the wholesale pricing of all TLDs and violate several agreements.

Hence, they simply do not publish a list of all domains with pricing.

How did I collect this data on Cloudflare domain pricing

In the past, it was possible to use Cloudflare API to programmatically extract prices of all supported TLDs.

This is an example of such a script on GitHub.

But it clearly does not work anymore. It means that all such lists are outdated.

So I dug into various sources for wholesale pricing of domains and manually verified prices of randomly selected TLDs on the Cloudflare domain registration page for accuracy.

In fact, using this method, I have even predicted the pricing of upcoming TLDs here.

This list would be 99% accurate at the time of publishing.

Complete table of all Cloudflare-supported domains price list

wdt_ID Domain TLD Govering Registry TLD Type Registry Wholesale Price iCANN Fee Cloudflare Domain Price
1.academyIdentity DigitalNew Generic TLD25.000.1825.18
2.accountantGRS DomainsNew Generic TLD19.980.1820.16
3.accountantsIdentity DigitalNew Generic TLD75.000.1875.18
4.actorIdentity DigitalNew Generic TLD29.000.1829.18
5.agencyIdentity DigitalNew Generic TLD18.000.1818.18
6.apartmentsIdentity DigitalNew Generic TLD40.000.1840.18
7.appGoogle RegistryNew Generic TLD12.000.1812.18
8.associatesIdentity DigitalNew Generic TLD26.000.1826.18
9.attorneyIdentity DigitalNew Generic TLD40.000.1840.18
10.auctionIdentity DigitalNew Generic TLD23.000.1823.18
11.bandIdentity DigitalNew Generic TLD20.000.1820.18
12.barPUNTO 2012New Generic TLD50.000.1850.18
13.bargainsIdentity DigitalNew Generic TLD23.000.1823.18
14.beerGodaddyNew Generic TLD20.000.1820.18
15.betAfiliasNew Generic TLD17.000.1817.18
16.bidGRS DomainsNew Generic TLD3.980.184.16
17.bikeIdentity DigitalNew Generic TLD25.000.1825.18
18.bingoIdentity DigitalNew Generic TLD38.000.1838.18
19.bizGodaddyOriginal TLD13.500.1813.68
20.blackAfiliasNew Generic TLD42.500.1842.68
21.blogKnock Knock WHOIS ThereNew Generic TLD20.000.1820.18
22.blueAfiliasNew Generic TLD15.000.1815.18
23.booGoogle RegistryNew Generic TLD8.000.188.18
24.bostonGodaddyNew Generic TLD10.000.1810.18
25.boutiqueIdentity DigitalNew Generic TLD23.000.1823.18
26.brokerIdentity DigitalNew Generic TLD20.000.1820.18
27.buildersIdentity DigitalNew Generic TLD25.000.1825.18
28.businessIdentity DigitalNew Generic TLD9.000.189.18
29.cabIdentity DigitalNew Generic TLD21.500.1821.68
30.cafeIdentity DigitalNew Generic TLD28.000.1828.18
31.cameraIdentity DigitalNew Generic TLD40.000.1840.18
32.campIdentity DigitalNew Generic TLD38.000.1838.18
33.capitalIdentity DigitalNew Generic TLD46.000.1846.18
34.cardsIdentity DigitalNew Generic TLD25.000.1825.18
35.careIdentity DigitalNew Generic TLD27.000.1827.18
36.careersIdentity DigitalNew Generic TLD46.000.1846.18
37.casaGodaddyNew Generic TLD6.000.186.18
38.cashIdentity DigitalNew Generic TLD23.000.1823.18
39.casinoIdentity DigitalNew Generic TLD99.990.18110.18
40.cateringIdentity DigitalNew Generic TLD25.000.1825.18
41.ccVerisignCountry Code TLD8.000.008.00
42.centerIdentity DigitalNew Generic TLD17.000.1817.18
43.ceoPeopleBrowsrNew Generic TLD70.000.1870.18
44.chatIdentity DigitalNew Generic TLD25.000.1825.18
45.cheapIdentity DigitalNew Generic TLD23.000.1823.18
46.churchIdentity DigitalNew Generic TLD28.000.1828.18
47.cityIdentity DigitalNew Generic TLD17.000.1817.18
48.claimsIdentity DigitalNew Generic TLD46.000.1846.18
49.cleaningIdentity DigitalNew Generic TLD42.000.1842.18
50.clinicIdentity DigitalNew Generic TLD42.000.1842.18
Domain TLDGovering RegistryTLD TypeRegistry Wholesale PriceiCANN FeeCloudflare Domain Price

Last Updated February 1st, 2024.

List of Upcoming TLDs that Cloudflare has indicated to support very soon

wdt_ID Upcoming TLDs TLD Type Expected Pricing
1.airforceNew Generic TLD25.18
2.armyNew Generic TLD25.18
3.ecoNew Generic TLD55.18
4.incNew Generic TLD99.99
5.linkNew Generic TLD7.18
6.navyNew Generic TLD21.68
7.shopNew Generic TLD24.18
8.travelNew Generic TLD94.18

Frequently Asked Questions

How many TLDs are supported by Cloudflare?

Cloudflare currently supports about 350 TLDs in total. They have indicated that they will support 9 more TLDs very soon.

Which Country Code TLDs does Cloudflare support?

Cloudflare currently only supports .cc, .co, .fm, .io, .me, .tv, .uk, and .us, along with a few second-level TLDs like,,,, etc as country ccTLDs.

What is the Cheapest domain that Cloudflare offers?

The following domains cost only $4.16/year: .bid, .date, .download, .loan, .men, .party, .stream, .trade, .win.
.uk (and, etc) are the cheapest ccTLDs with yearly price of 4.71 USD (converted from British pounds).

What is the most expensive domain that Cloudflare offers?

.security is the most expensive TLD, which costs $2,000.18 per year on Cloudflare. It is the best price for .security domain you can find.
.theatre is the second most expensive, with a price tag of $1,000.18.
Of course, other more expensive TLDs exist, but they are not supported by Cloudflare as a registrar.

Is the Cloudflare domain renewal price the same as the domain registration price?

Yes. In general, Cloudflare charges the same renewal price to you that it charges for registration. But these prices are set by the respective registries and may change in the future. So if registries change the wholesale price, Cloudflare will reflect the change in its renewal price, too.

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